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Ghana : Undiscovered World

This is the full episode from the series “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” when he visited Ghana.

I recommend anyone interested in Ghana to watch this show, it is the best show I’ve ever seen that gives the viewer an accurate overview of what to expect in Ghana. In fact, whoever directed this show should be hired by the Ghana Tourist Board to do some promo videos that can be marketed overseas on DVD/Blu-ray.

Bourdain visits some great locations both in Accra and around the country, including Mole National Park and Nzelezu. The Ghana government really collaborated on this one, which is evident from showing a clip of Bourdain being choppered around in a Ghana Air Force helicopter (of which there are only two of that type in service with the GAF).

Often, shows don’t convey it well, even negatively (I found Bob Geldof’s Africa to be an example of a show that portrays Ghana negatively and rather backward to a degree). Bourdain’s show focuses on the positives, and doesn’t try to compare the Ghanaian way of life to that in the G20 countries, as this is plainly ridiculous. I even go so far as to question with Geldof’s production as to why the Ghana government even agreed to let him film such a condescending program (I walked away thinking Geldof was a whining douchebag).

If you have been to Ghana, you will recognize a lot of these areas, and agree that it is probably the best representation of Ghana in a television program. If you have never been to Ghana, you will want to watch this show (probably more than once) to get a feeling of what Ghana is like.